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Saturday, September 27, 2008

As you all know that Google recently released it's much awaited browser "Google Chrome". And it was a huge success. Even though Chrome is having a very clean look, user friendly tools, it's having less functionality. Anyways, let's come to out topic. Yahoo! Browser.

Yahoo is the No.1 site on the web. Having the maximum traffic, it's still ruling in the laexa rank. Now, just to get all it's pages open properly and work nicely, Yahoo! joined hands with Microsoft in making a Yahoo! friendly browser. And here it is, YAHOO! Browser.

This YAHOO! official browser has been optimized for Yahoo! with:
  • Two home pages: Yahoo! & Yahoo! News
  • Yahoo! Search as your default
  • Yahoo! Toolbar
Few Additional Features:
  • Simpler to get around with a new streamlined design
  • Faster and more organized surfing with Tabs
  • Keep all your previous favorites and bookmarks - they'll come along with you
System Requirements:
  • Operating Systems supported:
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
  • Windows XP Professional x64
  • Windows Server 2003 SP1
Memory and disk space:
  • 64 MB of RAM (minimum)
  • 12 MB disk space
I am sure that, this Yahoo! Optimized Browser will rule. Very soon it will create it's own special space within the other browsers. Download the latest Yahoo! Brwoser today. It's worth giving a try.

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